Do you have a Retreat only Guarantee or Repair Guarantee?

Retreat Only Guarantee means they will only retreat your home when you get termites. You pay the repair costs. NOTE: HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE WILL NOT PAY FOR TERMITE DAMAGE.

If the reason you have Retreat Guarantee is because of previos termite damage, it is important to repair this damage, make sure your company NOTES these repairs and perhaps they will issue you a Repair Guarantee.

Repair Guarantee means that when you get termites and damage, your pest control company should pay All repair costs.

And YES, regardless of the type of Guarantee you have…. termites in your home does mean termite damage, it is just a question of how much !!!

Compare your termite contract with our termite contract if you have a guarantee with another pest control company.

If you don’t, consider these things when purchasing a Guarantee !!!

Is your contract a contract with limited years? Such as 5-years, 7-years, 10-years or a Lifetime Guarantee.


This means that after the 5,7, or 10 years you will be charged again for the treatment of your home.

Lifetime Guarantee means for the life of the structure as long as the renewal payments are made.


What is the value of your Repair Guarantee?

$50,000.00, $100,000.00, or unlimited? Your guarantee should cover the structual damage AND contents damagee!


The cost of homes are more now and so are the repair costs. Your contract should at least equal the value of your home.

Baits- You may have a Repaire Guarantee or a Retreatment Guarantee.

Baits may eliminate a colony (though you can’t know for sure) but an acre of land in the Southeastern U.S. has anywhere from 9 to 14 termite colonies according to research conducted by the University of Florida. If Baits “eliminate a colony… then what about the other 8-13 colonies? Termites don’t know the difference between dead trees and dead houses and they always find termite baits by chance. Subterranean workers are totally blind and are not attracted to termite baits.

In our opinion…

Baits are good tools… BUT, they are not adequate stand alone treatments.

The costs of Baits is 4 or more times the cost of liquid treatments

***Just because a mouse ( or termite) is not eating the cheese (the bait) does not necessarily mean the mouse is dead… but that he may be eating something else…… such as your home.***

Does your contract have escape clauses?

Why should your pest control company be able to cancel you for anything other than non-payment of contract, payment of renewal, or not making the corrections for conducive conditions when notified? You should be given a letter identifying conducive conditions and a time frame for making the corrections.

What are conducive conditions? Conditions that are conducive to a termite infestation. Things that can attract termites or make it easy for termites to get into your home.

Such as:

Sprinklers constantly running near the foundation of your home.

Elevation causing water to stand near or under your home.

Wooden decks that sit on or close to the ground.

Siding going into the ground.

Landscaping (straw, bark, etc.) that is above the bottom level of your siding.

Stucco, EFIS, and Rigid board Insulation not properly cut from contact with soil.

We hope this has helped you so you can make an informed decision based on facts.